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Artists Avenue/ Nichela


Born on August 31st, 1996

Currently living in the Pacific Northwest

Graduate at Western Washington University with a Major in Costume Design and a Minor in Arts Enterprise & Cultural Innovation

I started learning how to sew at the very young age of 8, my Grandma taught me how to, and we created a good amount of cosplays together before she passed.

I have been cosplaying ever since, making every single one of them either by upcycling, or making them from scratch. It's a true passion of mine, and a big stress reliever in my life. This website is just supposed to help spread my work, and make it easier for people to contact me for commissions or just in general. I am studying currently to do this as a career,  and to someday have my own business centered around teaching cosplay and lending my skills to others. I love to be an inspiration to cosplayers, so having this be my main career choice is a dream come true.


Whatcom Community College

Western Washington University


1st - Bellingham Anime Con

3rd- Bellingham Comic Con

1st- Kobe-Kon

2nd- Chibi Chibi Lip Sync Battle

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