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Introduction To The Artists Avenue Blog!

Introduction To The Artists Avenue Blog!

Hello all, and welcome to the Avenue Blog! I felt that my website needed a bit more activity involved with it, simply being active on other social media got me thinking about this website and how much time and energy I put into it, and how it was simply nothing more than a portfolio and shopping center. This isn't to say that's what's in main purpose is, but for those who don't use Instagram, Tiktok or other forms of social media, I thought starting up blogging would be a good way to show people of my activities or tips and tricks that I feel people could benefit from in the world of cosplay!

About Artists Avenue and What to Expect:

To make a long story short, my whole bio is in my About page on the top of this website, but I will go over some quick points and let all of you know what to expect with these blogs.

My name is Nichela (Like Michaela but with an N) and I was taught how to sew by my Grandma when I was 8 years old, doing the math now that is about 20 years or so of experience under my belt. It started out with small projects, than grew from there; and personally I feel like I am still learning stuff every day. I didn't make this a full career until a few years back when I started university, and after four years of that I graduated with a BA in Costume Design and a minor in Business. I personally don't see myself doing anything but this for the rest of my life, trust me I tried doing others things and it physically hurt not to create costumes and cosplays. Now I work on commission based projects, teach others how to create and I even have a few awards in my arsenal showing my quality of work.

As for what these blogs will be, it is just as I described. I love teaching and showing people different ways of looking at things they maybe they didn't think of before. I think it is too constricting to primarily use brand new material or name brand products to use on projects, I started learning how to create by upcycling and thrifting and thinking outside the box. Yes I still use brand new material, sometimes it's a given, but there is no rule saying you can't take something old and turn it into something new for the purpose of a costume or cosplay. Those kinds of tips and tricks, along tips that people may find helpful about those brand new materials, are what is going to be found in the tutorials and tips section.

In the Progress/Blog posts will be simply that, as I said above I feel like I am learning new things every day and I want others to follow along with me in my journeys. There is more that I want to learn and try out myself and I think it would be fun to be able to show people that side of the cosplay world, the mistakes, the happy accidents, the epiphany moments and so much more! Blog posts in general will also be just general blogs posts that have to do with cosplay, an announcement that I'll be attending a con, my experience at a con or event or maybe recalling other experiences I have had and maybe giving advice about situations in the cosplay world. I feel like there is a lot of stories I could tell, and a little bit of advice I could give along with them. Someone is bound to find them helpful!

Closing Message

To end this off, I simply want to say I hope that you all find this section of my website to be a little helpful, I want to be more involved with it and this was an attachment to it that I thought was a good way to keep it going. Posting won't be a total concrete schedule, especially with other social media I need to keep up with, but I am hoping to come up with some sort of schedule for it and at that point it will flow from there.

Keep an eye out for more blog posts, and if you are involved with my other social media feel free to follow me on those. There will always be content on each platform that isn't seen on another. Consider supporting me with a follow, a donation/purchase or a message showing your support; i enjoy seeing people interact with different platforms I have. See you in the next post, and thank you for strolling down the Avenue!


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