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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

Shipping is included in the cost of the commission unless arranged otherwise to be physically exchanged in person. The process of the commission is shown with photo updates so there is no surprises, and to be sure that everything the customer requested is being met successfully.

When items are shipped I am given a receipt and tracking number, so if someone wants to know how long their package is going to take to get to them, I can do so using the tracking number.

Return & Exchange Policy

All sales are final. It is stated in the contract that the payment given ahead of time is necessary so that I am still able to make a profit from my work, even if the customer cancels half way through. In the case that the deadline has not been met or a circumstance comes up in which I am unable to finish or do the commission, than there will be exceptions to discounts or I will communicate with the customer about the details and what the next steps are to take. Life happens unfortunately, and my main priority is communication and making sure the customers requirements of the commission are being met.

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