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Store Policy

Customer Care

Communication is a big key factor for me in all of my business, especially commissions. Without communication between myself and the customer I will never know exactly what they want nor the way that they want it, this goes both ways. I am not a believer in "The customer is always right", I simply want the transparency to be able to talk to my customers and achieve the goal they are going for. If you do not like a certain method I use, or a certain look you see other cosplayers use, than communicate this with me and we can find another method. If the needs cannot be met for some odd reason, that is okay and I will not be hurt; but I assure you most of the time I will find a way to achieve what you are looking for.

Privacy & Safety

As it is essential to get items to me using my address, I promise any information that is given to me as well is safe. Nothing is ever shared outside of my workspace that doesn't need to be. The only thing I share is the finished result of a commission on my socials and website, but unless otherwise stated I will not even mention who the commission is for. This is stated in the contract for a commission specifically as well, so if you do not for some reason want the product to be shown to anyone at all, that needs to be discussed with me.

Wholesale Inquiries

If you are another company that wishes to collaborate or sell my items, please message me first so we can plan together. You can either message me on my email, or a quick message on Instagram is also a great way to get a hold of me fast.

Payment Methods

- Venmo

- Ko-fi

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