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  • What is the process for a commission?
    Once you have filled out the form or requested from me that you want something, I fill out a contract with the respected information such as price, wig and supplies and date you would like it done by. I will email you the finished contract to look over, and once you deem it to be correct you sign and I will work with you on getting the supplies so I can start on the commission! I do not make any profit from supplies, that is all on you to purchase and deliver to me, often times I will make it easy and put the supplies on my amazon wishlist so it's a quick purchase for you, but for wigs I like to go through bigger name brands so you get the best quality. The only profit I make is from the labor which is discussed price wise ahead of time.
  • How do I get a commission from you?
    Easy! Either message me through email or on social media, or simply fill out the google form to request a spot. Currently I am only doing wigs, but for small costume pieces I have no problem with doing. Those you would just message me about.
  • Can I ask for a commission at a convention?
    You can certainly bring to my attention that you would like one, but as I have the memory of a goldfish I would much prefer you to fill out the form or message me about it so I have something to go back to after the con. Conventions are hectic and I guarantee I will not remember what you asked at all, so I would say now and if you ask me at a con, please fill out the form or message me online!
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